Jackie Warren Tatum aka jwt is a word splatterer: a writer and author who over the years has splattered words across her keyboard or out of her pen into freelance articles, business publications, her own newsletter, retreat meditations, journal pages, and social media posts. She has taught high school and real estate courses for a junior college. She has conducted a small town rural law practice and served as a Mississippi Special Assistant Attorney General.

Retired now to write, for the last seven years she has been splattering words into her novel manuscript, I C U, renamed at the suggestion of her publisher.*

Welcome to this website where Jackie will post status updates of the publication process of her debut novel, in which Renee, a widow overwhelmed with guilt about her husband’s death, has a sexual encounter with a stranger, which entangles her in a dark web of Unspeakable Things.* Jackie will also be splattering words around on this website, regularly, about living.

You can learn more about this author by visiting  Jackie Warren Tatum’s profile on LinkedIn. Or follow her on Twitter at jwttalks. To read her FB posts on creativity, visit Jackie Writes at http://www.facebook.com/jwt writes/. For posts written from her rescue dog, Dallas’ perspective, visit http://www.facebook.com/Dallas-The-Very-Loved-Pet-1603724266572128/.

Jackie is the mother of two sons, the grandmother of eight grandchildren. She is splattering her second novel across her keyboard.

  • Please note the novel’s name change to Unspeakable Things: A Novel in the post titled A Rose By Any Other Name Is Still A Rose, But Will A Person Find A Rose To Sniff If It is Not Named A Rose dated May 25, 2016.

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